Getting It Done

Getting your instrument cluster repaired is a simple process.

Determine if we can repair your cluster

Determine if your vehicle has a cluster we can repair using this Vehicles We Repair link.

Remove cluster from vehicle

Removal of cluster from vehicle – we have removal instructions for many vehicles here. Some we don’t have any specific info on – if you don’t feel comfortable removing cluster yourself; your favorite mechanic or auto service center should be able to remove it for you.

Go to Shipping and Payment link

Go to Shipping and Payment link for shipping info and payment methods. Please note that you have to pay for inbound shipping to us. Return shipping to you is covered in the repair price.

Prepare Service Order form and pack unit

Prepare PDF service order (Download here) and include with your shipment.

Use Canada Post or a courier for shipping

Once unit is packed and payment made please take to Canada Post or Courier for Shipment.